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Words We Made Up

Written By: Uri Lifshitz

This is a list of words and phrases that we had to invent, as the limited English language did not provide us with a name for them. Please feel free to use them in your daily life:

  • Verberizing – To be sexually aroused by listening to spoken words that by themselves usually lack erotic content (often refers to recitation of textual artworks).

“I sat in the back and listened to the professor recite Yeats’ ‘Speech After Long Silence’ and I was so verberized that I was blushing”


  • Gildenpoof – An organization whose members are neo-Nazi transvestites. Both the organization and the members are referred to as Gildenpoofs.

“See that guy with the swastika on his dress – what a gildenpoof!”


  • Farmmalisity – The military potential of farm animals.

“the main question is: ’please describe aspects of farmmalisity in George Orwell’s ‘The Animal Farm’”.


  • Pancare – A stream of curses in Italian.

“Luigi, can you believe  it? I asked him the time and he answered in a Pancare”


  • Flotism – one’s ability to work with the circumstances of his life rather than against them.

“Nothing brings him down, no matter how bad things get – he just keep going full of flotism”

  • Gou-gous– A reference to the breasts of a lady, often  in a child-like manner.

“Look at her, shaking her Gou-gous”


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    Don’t forget to add:
    past poetic