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I’ve Had a Few

Written By: Uri Lifshitz - Jan• 26•09

It’s a comedy show
And it’s funny ’cause it’s true
And you’ve had a beer and a Jameson,
Well… you’ve had a few.

And you’ve had that girl,
With whom time flew,
And you’re thinking that was love,
Cause you’ve had a few…

It’s good to laugh,
And the tension is good too,
But next to her you’re relaxed,
Well, cause you’ve had a few.

After that you’re sitting in the pub
Till the black night turns blue,
And you know it could have been love,
Cause you’ve had a few.

On the way home you’re so drunk
That you haven’t got a clue,
If this was love or this was just because
You’ve had a few.

You wake up in the morning,
You’re alone and it’s nothing new,
But last night you’ve had love,
Well… you’ve had quite a few.


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