The Wondering Workshop

Israeli authors and poets creating in English

sex education as done by the wondering workshop

everything begins, and ends, with an orgy. everything is better with lesbians. the funny thing about birds and trees is that if the birds aren’t getting it on then the trees don’t get to reproduce. even piloting a giant disguised in fur through virtual bowels is not enough to dampen sexual urges. when an author […]

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Sun Flower Stasis

Something about the emptiness of this fine establishment, sends inviting ripples of calm. A neighborhood Chinese place on main street Since 1983, nearly thirty years of fortune cookies at dinnertime. As we walk through the red wooden door and into this childhood capsule, the mat-triggered bell summons a lone figure from the nether to sit […]

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Walk of Shame

As I stumble down your building’s crumbling stairwell, clothes disheveled, eyes bleary, cursing myself for forgetting sunglasses in this early-late eerie light, I pause by your light blue Volvo to compose.   I set my hair straight in your side mirror, noticing that dent your ex left, which you never got around to fixing. I […]

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Salad Dressing

The oil and water don’t mix. Not after I pour the liquids, not after I stir it with a fork , not even after the fifth time I shake the cup. Eventually I give up and pour it as it is into the salad better viagra or levitra and vigorously mix the lettuce with the […]

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Egg Salad

I wipe off the rest of the egg salad from the plate and let it drop into the trash can, just a few minutes after she leaves. That’s the way it is. You can’t tell someone that you don’t like something after they told you that it’s their best dish, especially not after they took […]

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