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a world without flowers

the sun shines brightly cutting through the haze into tight corners of the post-atomic daze the concrete alley floor, with its broken flower pot is dead and cracked and quiet, and it’s steaming, baking hot the dark red flower pot lies empty and unused the seeds that used to lie in it were x-rayed ’til […]

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I frolic under skyscrapers past a thousand blooming clotheslines hung with petals, jeans and blouses, past the houses, under billboards ripe and juicy, breathing deep the nuanced, heady odors of a thousand wailing cars who push and pump and pulse though the city’s asphalt veins. I sit awhile and dip my feet in babbling brooks […]

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An english version follows the one in hebrew

האילן של רוטשילד והיה זה בשלכת ימיו, עת באו לעוקרו משורשיו, של העץ הזקן, והרגיש היה כמו אדיפוס המלך בשלהי מלכותו, עת עקרו עיניו, וירא את האמת לא עוד אור שמש יפגע בעליו ועלעליו, לא עוד יחליף רכיבי רוח ואוויר בהטמעתו את החוכמה והרוך של הדור הצעיר, לא עוד יפקדוהו המשתין בקיר והנסיך המצרי. ויגיעו […]

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The Ballad of the Forest

A sudden change in equilibrium, both chemical and electrical alike sets things in motion. The hare lifts her head from the plant he was chewing a second ago, he feels spotted, a quick sniff of the atmosphere reveals the pheromones of the hunter. The lynx emerges from his hideout behind the thicket, everything was fine, […]

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