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metal mouth

my dentist demands complete submission, leaving winter in my face [See me reading this live]

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signs in the dead of night

the sign at the coffee counter at the gas station says 25 hours, and i guess that’s right because that’s what they’re really selling. we’ll be in big trouble the day they stop providing us with such good service. the dark, smooth highways in the early hours, with their visible gusts of dust and […]

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I am often wont to wander up and down the sleek designs of your flimsy summer skirt: The seams I see may sometimes seem to smile or is it crease to hide a spot or to conceal a greasy stain. I will attain that some things never change we’re always on a different page writing […]

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The endless horizon which stops short, unable to breach the fog of this fairly ordinary sunset, amongst the vile crowds that flood this beach every weekend, the cliché beach music that my sensitive taste somehow manages to ignore despite the urge to criticize, and the flat warm beer in my cracking plastic cup that threatens […]

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