The Wondering Workshop

Israeli authors and poets creating in English

cutting out traumatic memories

i sit in a chair in front of the mirror as i’m shorn of the last strands grown out of my mind signifiers of words tumbling down to the floor: uniform, mess hall, discipline, obedience, responsibility, ambassador, pride, power, authority, hierarchy, bureaucracy, weapons, ballistics, strategy, efficiency, the contradiction of the value of life, allies, enemies, […]

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sex education as done by the wondering workshop

everything begins, and ends, with an orgy. everything is better with lesbians. the funny thing about birds and trees is that if the birds aren’t getting it on then the trees don’t get to reproduce. even piloting a giant disguised in fur through virtual bowels is not enough to dampen sexual urges. when an author […]

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downstairs, in the back

the four grim men in dark suits and ties step smartly into the tiny back room, sliding into place around the green felt table with a deck of cards in its center, circled by the light of the lamp hanging low above it. a petit, dark haired lady gracefully walks in after them carrying a […]

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the 35th meeting

i haven’t been here that long, but long enough to call it tradition. or habitual. it’s like a carton of cigarettes, by the time you’ve gotten into it enough to be addicted it’s too late to realize that you don’t earn enough to pay for it and food. so they finally get to me, after […]

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i don’t know what privation is or is not any more than i know the squiggles and teeth of the horse, whose head lies between crocodile’s teeth i know what i know is what behandlung von haarausfall in einem frühen stadium i don’t know is pre-oedipal pre-conscious pre-lacking and its sublime sublimation sees me chewing […]

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Majestic Treasure

On the verge of morning light, Apollo ascends to the sky with his chariot to ignite, A titan amongst the gods observing Diana and Brutus isle, Seeing Jonah consumed by the Leviathan, The woman caressing those islands is not Leda, Nor the swan, but a slain dragon by Saint George. The class now in session […]

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