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Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

In the kingdom of Azeroth
lies the remnants of Lordaeron.
After dethroning his father
the soul quenching sword Frost Mourn
sent prince Arthas on a new quest.
Finding his frozen throne and defeating
Illidan, the demon hunter, once a night elf,
now demonic himself. Once settled in Northrend
now he is known as the new lich king.
Kel-Thuzad was a great mentor,
fulfilling the prophecy of Maediv.
Only one hero shall prevail at the end,
a young rouge named RaVe (without
the capital V, stupid servers of Blizzard
wouldn’t allow it). That rouge won
an honour contest without him knowing
he was a participant, or so he claims.
Owning a tabard only one of each
faction had received from each server.
Now he pawns the PVP arenas, you would be
lucky to be slain by him, or surviving
for more than 30 seconds with his deadly moves.
If he’ll find a guild in time he may be the first
to defeat the new lich king, should he care for
the matter and won’t migrate to another MMO such as Hellgate London, Warhammer40K or FF-XI


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