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Where it all began

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

Location: Holiday Inn Eilat.
Year: 1998
State: Re-enactment of a dream.
We were a group of 6, 4 boys, two girls.
We sat for the breakfast, supposedly.
My spirit jumped out of my body
knelt on the kitchen table and volt-faced
back to my body. It extracted from me
a gigantic double helix molecule called
deoxyribo’nucleic acid (also known as DNA)
and started to take out plasmids (DNA strips)
from myself and the others as well.
When the process of DNA reconstruction was over,
my spirit returned the double helix molecule,
returned to my body, and I and one of
the girls there sprung our angelic wings with
white feathers and were gliding freely in the sky,
a few moments later the rest of the guys
showed up as well, and the dream ended
when a pillow fight broke the living room
lamp by an asshole I used to call a friend of mine
till somewhere around 2006.


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