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The Right Pathway

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

Thank you mentor Frost for your advice,
Since I have taken the road less chosen by mortals.
Thank you mentor Herbert for your insights and
Global scale hidden in the dunes of time.
Thank you mentor Tolkien for creating one of
my favourite genres in literature.
The Frostian path might take me into the
Right road, though many chosen left
Beyond the sands of continuity lies the road
That leads to the hill, under the hill and above
And beyond the hill, were only few have
Taken the stride through all the obstructions.
Inside the chapel of solitude where the wolf
Will shed the sheep’s skin on the altar of deceit,
There lies both the lion and the deer on
The fear climax of mount Petros. There lies the road to
Salvation and the prodigious spirit won’t disappear
In a vain transmutation from an ink pen into a
Bone claymore. Forever shall my name be etched on
The pages of history, since when did ever occur
For a pretender of wisdom to know so little
Of the written word of other people.
But for a moment I will be free from the chains
Of pretence, the coils of the mundane life
For a quarter of an hour of glory.
Let me go!!! Let me be me and not the shadow
Of myself or the paradigm of my predecessors.
“What is it?”, “What do you want?”
“Get away from me.” I remember those nights
strolling down the lane as if they were yesterday
though it must have started ten years ago at least
Leave me be, let I be me and you be you and a certain
degree of the pain we’ll undo.
Damn it, what’s wrong with me…?


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