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The Ballad of the Forest

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

A sudden change in equilibrium,
both chemical and electrical alike sets
things in motion.
The hare lifts her head from the plant he was
chewing a second ago, he feels spotted, a
quick sniff of the atmosphere reveals the
pheromones of the hunter.
The lynx emerges from his hideout behind the
thicket, everything was fine, until the breeze
unveiled his intentions to the target.
They roam the forest, somewhat unhindered
to his denizens, but the forest doesn’t care.
Finally, a pounce that landed on its mark,
a bite that snaps the spinal cord, the hare
is neutralized, the lynx could feed his cubs.
The forest is still indifferent to the wretched
creatures, instinct-driven animals that walk in
its midst.
Only the 10,000 acres burned down by the folly
of humans who left the camp fire unattended
wakes the forest to relinquish a shrill
when the oxygen factories were shut down
The lynx survival machine made it through
despite the engulfing flames. Sometimes it could be
troublesome that oxygen is so much flammable.
Hollow and careless trunks were left behind,
waiting for the rejuvenation process.


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