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Pyrostasis Resurrection part XVI

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 17•09



Pyrostasis Resurrection – Part XVI

Final thoughts before the plunge

“How can you expect me to treat them as human beings, when they all are, just
slabs of meat?” Kalistor asked Commodore Kane Mason, with a somewhat vicious smile lurking on his face.

“They’re my slabs of meat to begin with, both Humans and the Generiens for that matter, and mine to be used as I see fit.” He answered as they exchanged a facial expression that meant for both respect and contempt, a mixture of both because they knew they were
interdependent one of the other.

“Was it you the one who took Fort Nox treasury in a cover of an alien ship with eight mechanical tentacles, is it not?” Kane Mason remembered his conversation with Kalistor a week ago in the officers’ debriefing room.

“I can never admit to such things, it’s as if I claimed I spare the rod from the courier boys.”

“Do you rape them as well?” The Commodore sounded more disgusted than ever before.

“Bi-sexual is under-rated in vampires, why did you think I took the name Ravenloft in the first place?”

“Remind me, please, why I don’t kill you on the spot?”

“Because I have 20 doubles which only I have their de-activation word inside me, and you’ll never know if you’re talking to the real me or another clone. Not to mention I’m your primary source of funding your special projects like the B-768 bomber or the F-1024i interceptor.”

“You are also my main source of fuel and ammunition, and sorts.”

“Do you know what’s the most interesting thing about Psyions?”

“Aside from the fact you employ four of them to send images of death, decay, agony and misery to the ones you rape in order to wash their brains?”

“Yeah, just about 1000 dreams of negative emotions, which later, serving my Lord seems like an heavenly task and a most rewarding one.”

“But you are the servant of the anti-Christ!”

“So what?”

“I had a suspension of disbelief in Christianity for a second but it’s over now.”


“God cannot exist if he allows the creations of scum bags like you.”

“What is this Operation Hobbit, I heard of?”

“Nothing as far as I know.” The Commodore looked at his two thumbs as he strached.

“Funny, I was sure you were trying to create an hybrid creature behind my back.”

“Never. What was it that you started to say before about Psyions?”

“I would include Generiens as a species in this view of them as concept-wise anti-cyborgs.”

“Why is that so?”

“Because they have the bodies of humans and the mentality of machines, you can
program them to anything if it follows the chain of command hierarchy.”

“That’s why you have no ranks, right?”

“In my own army, I’m the grand marshall and chief of staff, in a lesser official way. I’m willing to spare this Ophelia Summer for you, but tell her to redecorate her room, it’s too utalitarian to be considered a girl’s room, give her 10 DKP if you must.” He left 10 DKP in the
form of credit pieces (usually black market people carried cash, so this was not too surprising in itself) on the table and left the
room. Teron Jaxx entered the room from another entrance that came from an observation chamber outside of the briefing room.

“Do you think he suspects I’m one of your hobbits?”

“He may if you use your sense of humour in his vicinity. You’re my secret half-ling, let’s try and keep it that way. I have business to attend to, go over the plans for next week, and begin the preparations, I’ll join you momentarily.”

Kane Mason left the room leaving his half human, half Generien friend behind as he went to the soldiers’ dormitory. He went into the barracks and let himself into the room of Ophelia. Ophelia and Kacey Collins were there chatting next to a coffee table made of reinforced glass with two cups of tea laying on it.

“Officer on deck!!!” Kacey cried out as they stood up immediately when they recognized him.

“At ease!” He saluted back. “Collins, you’re dismissed.”

“Sir, may I stay here, sir?”

“No, you’re dismissed, as in take a hike, soldier, I came to check something with miss…” glancing at a tablet sheet, that loaded Ophelia’s
details… “Summer, not with you, whoever you are.”

“Sir, yes sir.” She said and left the room. He stared at the room. The walls were empty. There was a two seat couch where Ophelia sat back after he said ‘at ease’. There were two simple chairs of cheap making with cushions that seemed comfortable, but only seemed. There was an inner chamber with a small table, a bed, and a closet. There was a B-56 dismantled next to a cleaning kit.

“Put your gun in a working order, now.” He nearly barked the last word.

“Sir, yes sir.” She blurted in a low voice as if she was afraid of him, not that she was, or not too much, that is. She joined the spring wire
into the main mechanism body, inserted the ‘springed’ wired mechanism into the railing, pulled the trigger so that the hammer will knock the anvil which was necessary to lock the spring into its place. She placed the mechanism cover and the exhaust pipe and closed the lid, and inserted a clip. Then she put the weapon with its fore tripod open as a pedestal shrine on the small table.

“Good, very good. Now let me count the skeletons in your closet.”

She opened the closet to reveal five endo-skeletons of cyborg bodies which are surgically inserted to enhance the strength of the body and another five exo-skeletons suits the soldiers wear as their uniform, a poly-carbonate that houses C60 molecules in the form of armour plating.

“A pair of suits is missing, you suppose to have seven exos and seven endos, where are they?”

“I gave a pair to Corporal Collins since someone took two of hers.”

“Two pairs?”

“Aye aye, sir.”

“Fine I’ll check this matter as well. Here take, five, no wait ten DKP to redecorate your room. Make it more


“In what way?”

“Put on some posters.”

“Of whatever I like, sir?”

“Yes, just avoid nudity, ok?”

“Sir, with all due respect, I’m a girl, if I want to see boobs, I can look at the mirror, sir.”

“There is a point in that, I guess, use your squad members to help you out if you want. I’ll check with you again in five days from now.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

* * *

“He what?” Jacques was asking after lunch when Ophelia came to him.

“He wants you to help me redecorate my room.” She told him as they were
throwing their trays to the nearest disintegration beam to be recycled.

“With what? Posters of naked chicks?”

“No Jacques…” She laughed. “No nudity is allowed, not that I would want pictures of naked or almost naked chicks in my room, thank you very much.”

“Why not? Every time I think what I would do if I was a girl, I think I would just mess up with my breasts 24/7.”

“Luckily you’re not a girl…” She placed her right arm behind his neck from the left side and pulled him into her right kneecap which thrust him to the floor with a very painful ribs’ cage. “So you’re coming or not, lazy-ass?” She added a cute, wicked smile that was one of her trademarks.

“That’s a real lousy assignment…” He muttered to himself aloud as he followed her to her room. Kacey was there

sleeping on the couch. “What she’s doing here?” He whispered.

“She fell asleep, I guess, the poor thing. Damn it, she missed lunch, the
first important meal of the day.”

“First, let’s get rid of the comfy-looking chairs and bring exec-level
comfort ones.” They threw the old chairs to the corridor and went
to bring new ones. When they got back Jacques said: “I can’t watch
her like this anymore.”

“What’s wrong?” Ophelia asked him.

“Get up, Kacey!”

“What’s wrong, frogger?”

“Nice, Collins, that’s nice, you Texan cut-throat chainsaw massacre…”

“Cut it out, you two, right now!!!” Ophelia cried at them. “Why did
you have to wake her up, asshole?”

“She’s got a guard duty in like five minutes from now and she’ll grind up
her replacement because she missed lunch.” He claimed.

“Right, today is Mustapha’s kitchen duty.” Ophelia remembered the duty

roster and why Mustapha was unavailable to help her with the


“Big deal, he uses the gernick to wash all those big pots. I had the 2-6
A.M. Guard duty at the ammo bunker and I was awake 3:30 of the time,
the last thirty minutes were lost on me.”

“Were you caught?” Kacey asked.

“Yeah, I lost another 50 DKP because it was our ‘beloved’ Commodore who woke
me up.” He signified ‘beloved’ in velociraptor quotes.

“Ophelia, bring me something in two hours time, so I won’t starve to death in the front gate.” She took her B-56 and went out. “What is it with you, why can’t you treat girls with respect?”

“Because in order to understand girls I need to think from a girl perspective
and I told you what happens when I do this, right?”

“You’re hopeless… Now what about the posters?”

“No nudity, right?”

“Right.” She embraced one knee as she sat down near her terminal, so he would

remember the lesson from before, if that was really an option…

“It’s tough, but I’d say it pretty much leaves you with classic animé or
computer games.”

“That sounds nice, but how about a fake landscape or something of the sort?

“I guess it could work just as well, let’s start printing…”


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