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Pyrostasis Resurrection part VII

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 17•09

The demise of Microsoft
“Hideo, have you ever heard of the biggest commercial corporation in the known universe, a.k.a Microsoft?”
“Maybe a little, they were almost the only companies who stood against the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source front, right?”
“Exactly.” Exclaimed Ishikawa in enthusiasm. “Once hardware manufacturers like AMD-ATI and nVidia started to co-operate fully with Linux distributions worldwide, it was just a question of time, until Microsoft will perish. Once both gaming and scientific applications could be easily ported into the free & open source OS of Linux / Unix both Apple and Microsoft, rivals from the proprietary OS started to wither.”
“Why is that?” Hideo wondered.
“Because what would you prefer: A paid-for OS which is unstable and closed sourced or a free OS, which is more stable & open-sourced?”
“Basically I’ll take the free one if it’s better in every aspect of it over the paid one.”
“Thus in 2020 Apple went bankrupt and in 2025 Microsoft died.”
“What is the moral of the story?”
“The freedom of choice. Kalistor doesn’t force people to join his group, they choose to do so. Although the hive was designed after a similar concept of the Matrix Trilogy, people were given full freedom whether they want to be inserted to the hive or not. But eventually Kalistor managed to convince people they live in a bubble, or in a lie. Their life has become based on Residual Self Image and private places were no longer private where anyone can sense the stream of consciousness of virtually any thought. This is the neural energy of the orgy of the cerebral core, the source of infinite orgasms without breaking catholic code of behaviour.”
“But it’s usually a punishment to be extracted from the hive, the mind cannot sustain the quietness, and the disconnection of thoughts. How can he manage to get people from the hive?”
“He has his own extraction points, no doubt, and his disciples choose to be extracted and sometimes they are allowed to return to the hive through his insertion points as well.”
“So basically he can exocytose and endocytose brains as he pleases. What’s the military view on the matter?”
“It’s complicated since some of them are outlaws and some just extreme fanatics who believe in the existence of hell and Kalistor is Satan’s right hand or something like this. It’s hard to outlaw an entire religion, though the terrorists are being chased after all the time.”


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