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Pyrostasis Resurrection part IV (New Version)

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 17•09

Pyrostasis Resurrection – part IV

Aerial Assault Clean-Up

Before occupying the current outpost on this planet, there was an air-raid meant to sterilize the land as much as possible from the air in the vicinity of the area which the outpost was meant to serve as a new observation point. This is the last report of this incident as was recorded in the black boxes of Sergeant first class Dimitri Solovcheck and Sergeant first class Rushdie Omar. In the hopes their loss were not in vain.

“Lieutenant Nikita Raskolnikov, take out Sergeant Rushdie and Sergeant Solovcheck for a clean sweep, 20 kilometres from the outer demilitarized zone to the east.”

“Sir, yes sir!!!” She cried back from her mech “Well, you heard the brigadier general sergeants, get a move on, I’ll catch you up in half an hour after I finish refuel & reload of my mech.”

Yes, Ma’am!” Sergeant Solovcheck called back.

As you wish.” Sergeant Rushdie confirmed.

Hey, Omar, her wish is your command.”

“Dimitri, let’s keep the moor jokes till we reach the point of no return, as far as the fuel is concerned.”

“Whatever, let’s get going. PNR FTW.”

“You write FTW, but you have to say For The Win.”

20 kilometres later they commenced to clean residues of an airstrike aftermath. “What was that?” Asked Sergeant Solovcheck after another burst of the Vulcan cannon interrupted their conversation.

“I said keep it down, we’re not as abundant of ammunition as it is.” A rocket fired on a small group of dragoons who scattered to pieces.

“Do you know what’s the deal with the British girl, the one the commodore is so interested about?”

“She’s half Dane and half swede, only the name is British because of what’s his name?”

A burst of 0.50” inch mini-gun.

“Missed a spot.” 40 mm grenade took care of that spot. “William Shakespeare I think, but Summer is from the Grimm Brothers version of Snow in Summer, the original version of Disney’s ‘Snow-white’.” Sergeant Solovcheck said.

“That’s right.” Another Vulcan burst. “That Suicidal Ophelia character from Hamlet.”

Her case is opposite.” 52 mm mortar shot twice. “Everyone wants her because she’s so beautiful.” Minigun sprays 12.7 mm of havoc and mayhem in the left-overs. “Can’t be that, right?”

“No, it’s something else.” Rocket launcher sends two missiles into a mid-air ballistic pounce. “The reason the commodore is so much noticing her,” 40 mm grenade. “… is that she cost millions in order to revive a millennia dealt with fault from the gene pool. Well it’s true that we also have now male offsprings…” another 40 mm grenade “…with colour blindness, but to have a female colour blinded is a prodigy amongst defective products of genetic engineering.” Sergeant Rushdie claimed.

“Her parents were Heterozygous to the trait, I presume.” Vulcan shots.

“Apparently something of the sort.” Another 52 mm mortar.

“So why it was so hard to revive an existing old trait as colour blindness?” Minigun spreads joy in the form of bullets.

“The thing is…” 40 mm grenade. “…that it took some convincing of the 400 hundred year-old brains in order to agree.”

“But I heard…” A rocket “… that they were doped and drowsy all the time before they were even inserted into the cerebral core.”

“Cerebral hive.” Vulcan sprays. “Would you want to be re-inserted to a biology body without the constant orgasm feeling and infinite knowledge?” 40 mm grenade “…Accessible at the speed of thought?”

“But they were junkies…” Mini gun sprays. “…before hand and 400 years of junk to say the least.” A rocket pod.

“Screw that, her parents were disillusioned of the constant conspiracy theories, the Watergate syndrome.” 40 mm grenade. “As if the government is behind everything.”

“As if they were wrong.” Vulcan spray. ”Yep, it’s not the government…,” 52 mm mortar. “…It’s the military.” A Rocket pod by Sergeant Solovcheck. “Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“Omar, did you program your bullets to explode in mid-air?”

“No, why? I do happen to use explosive shell rounds…”

“Give a burst to the east 1600 sharp…” Minigun burst, bullets detonate in mid-air in less than half their supposed range.

“Lieutenant Raskolnikov, this is Sergeant Rushdie.”

“On my way, ETA 15 minutes.”

“No, wait lieutenant.”

“What is it?”

“We found a transparent barrier of some kind, perhaps cloaked units or structures.”

“Permission to use laser disruptor beams granted, but keep it on low amplitude, just in case.” They warmed their EMP charges, loaded their rail-guns and launched the consecutive laser beam canons on a wide spread array.

“Holy shit, lieutenant we found an entire cloaked city of dragoons.” Sergeant Rushdie claimed.

“Wait, no, it’s launching, it was a mother… …shit, fire the EMP and take cover!!!”

Their electromagnetic pulse rail guns proved ineffective against the mother ship, who ran their mechs over, and disintegrated them with its sheer power of its enormously large engines. We chose to omit their agonizing cries of pain as their exoskeleton melted together with their biological tissues, by the time the endoskeleton began to melt as well they were already in a better world, beyond the horizon as they say. Black boxes content allowed their re-cloning and revival, but their memories were wiped clean. Their brains were sent back to the cerebral hive on core planet earth for regathering of information.


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