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Pyrostasis Resurrection part II (New Version)

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 17•09

Pyrostasis Resurrection – Part II

Baptism & Blasphemy

I’m walking in that field again, the ever green-yellow blades of grass, there’s this kid, picking flowers as he notices me, he starts to approach me. Come to me, sweet child o’ mine, come to me…

Pyramids of floating brains inside a cytoplasm erected behind the child, they are arranged in tetra-header forms, my parents flow there, I know. Shchplazse – I know that sound, it is the sound of a re-liquified plasma shell case, watch out there’s a blue dragoon behind you…

“Hey you little twit, pay attention, we’re under fire!!!” Mustafa was crying towards me. I was drifting when I was supposed to be their marksman. “Blue dragoon at 12 o’clock and incoming at 11 & 1 as well.” I shouted, looked down my cross-hairs and tapped a bullet a time. I was drifting because I forgot the guys cannot see the enemy through their thermo-optic camouflage as I can. They need to use special ultra-violet visors which hurt their skulls because of the headache, throbbing outside from the brain. Jacques rolled down a fuel barrel towards the enemy direction and shot it with his pistol through the wall, it ricocheted like a pool cue ball and into the fuel barrel which exploded.

Mustafa threw a flash-bang grenade and shot two more “green dragoons”. They claim their hue is really green, what I see as blue. Afterwards Jacques started to give short bursts of fire from his B-56. An ugly yet cute weapon much like the boys in its traits.

“Stop firing, Jacques, the hallway is clear.” Mustafa ordered after a two minute sweep with the ultra-violet visor. They turned the visors off. I was glad for a moment to see their faces; Mustafa sent his arm as if to pat my back at first (or at least it seemed that way in first glance) but after a second he had thrust me against the wall by my neck.

“Next time when you’re day-dreaming in the middle of a fire fight I’ll put a bullet through your head, Ophelia, got it?” He was choking me, I was trying to get out of his strangling grip and wanted to shoot him myself but I knew what would be his next sentence: “I have a wife and child at home.”

“Leave her alone, man, you’re hurting her.” Jacques told him as he reloaded his pistol.

“Shut up, you think I don’t know how much you care for her, but I’ll kill her if she drifts again… if you get my drift…” He added with a wicked smile, and was looking at my eyes and I was trying to avert my eyes from him, though he wouldn’t let me, pointing my head towards his exo skeletal arm.

“Listen, man, I care for her dearly, but even I would kill her on her next day-dreaming in a fire fight, but come on, man, this was her first baptism into real combat, much like I was not prepared at first but your firing awoke the adrenaline in me.” I wanted to kill Jacques too for what he said but then I realized the halls could be swarming with those dragoons, the simulations could not prepare us good enough.

The armour could sustain two bullets at a specific place, any third bullet would surely penetrate. The enemy uses tri-round bursts, but they are unable to maintain their firing range into the same spot thrice, most of the time, that is. You couldn’t die in a simulation, you would simply re-spawn, but in real life there is no re-spawning.

All of a sudden a new six blue dragoons emerged from a dark and silent corner. The sound of silence was the worst sound effect of all, how could they sneak up on us like that. Our guns were not yet reloaded and we were outnumbered 2 to 1. “Six blue dragoons 2 o’clock” I whispered to Mustafa and Jacques. “Polar bears” Mustafa said and they turned into polar bears while I changed into a wolf, apparently I forgot to reset my DNA transformer. The bears dealt with five dragoons. I jumped on the sixth with a powerful pounce. My claws tore its flesh but he shot me five times before hand. Luckily, when we returned to human form we were still unhurt. Mustafa took out his clip and refilled it with bullets. Afterwards it was my turn to be non-perceptive to a fight, though as the marksman I must be alert at any given moment. The thought of eliminating them crosses my mind again. Mustafa got a wife and child waiting at home. It wouldn’t be right. It goes against the chain of command, he’s my sergeant. Jacques could well deserve it, not for seeing me naked, I knew he was camouflaged, I knew what he was doing there beside watching, but enjoyed the pretence of innocence of my part as well. Fuck it, I’ll blame it all on those “green dragoons”.

I took the pistol with the silencer add-on and killed Mustafa and Jacques, five minutes later a platoon of six dragoons annihilated me on the same spot. My bullet proof kevlar vest with C60 coating could not provide the proof I needed to stay alive.


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