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Pyrostasis Resurrection Part I (New Version)

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 17•09

Pyrostasis Resurrection

Part ISet Sail / Brief Exposition.

A kid is running through these ever green-yellow blades meadows, I know him, can’t quite put my finger where from… This dream feels like a distant memory, just like repressed memories they were kept talking about before the military compound academy classes started. It began to blur up when the virtual reality skirmishes we engaged in commenced. I remember it all as if it was yesterday morning or a couple millennia ago… From a pitch black deck of a ship disembarking into an orbit around a foreign planet, some noises were heard while interchanging white and red strobes of light began to flicker around, in order to wake up the cryogenic passengers from their sleeping tubes. I can hear them waking up, but I don’t want to let go of that dream, not yet anyway… I can see from a flicker of a slit in my retina the Silhouette of a warrior carrying what would seem to be a vertical double-barrelled Shotgun – the amphibious variant I think – squinting sideways is but one of my specialities… Maybe the sergeant got his way with the French dude, finally, and took the SRS to himself.

“Are you okay, man?” Asked a soldier carrying a vertical double-barrelled SRS amphibious shotgun. Apparently he walked tube by tube verifying the awakening process of every soldier. The tone of voice and pitch was different from what I had expected.

“Yes, I might have taken an over-dose of the rejuvenation capsules.” One small lie wouldn’t hurt.

“Yeah, 42 days of Cryo-stasis takes their toll on the body. What’s your name?” He ventured.

“Give me a moment.” Boot camp is over and he’s still treating me like a child.

“You haven’t answered my question.” He kept insisting to interrupt my dream.

“I literally just woke up, so give me a moment to recover my consciousness…Sir.” Holy shit…

You thought, I’m your sergeant, try your commodore, soldier. From now on, do me a favour and respond accordingly. Now what was your name again, soldier?

Ophelia Summer, 1st corporal, 432 battalion of the cross of the fading sun, sir.A valid answer.

He came to whisper at my ear: “Do you see the boys’ flag poles, might have something to do with your antennae. Next time sleep with the X.O. utility belt on like you were instructed.”

It’s just a short, sleeveless shirt, sir.It is extremely cold in those high orbit vessels.

The X.O.s’ utility belt comes with tri-braid holder canals, and by X.O. I don’t mean eXtra Old but to the Exoskeleton uniform armour.Now he was shouting:Mission briefing in 15 minutes people, gear up and be ready to go.

Fifteen minutes passed and the group of 23 individuals relocated into the briefing room. ‘Mike Gruntess – KIA, Nicole Krayler – KIA, Vladimir Krayler – KIA.’ these three names showed up on the killboard from the last debriefing session – those names and the status of their bearers were no longer relevant.

Who wants to help me with the briefing today?Asked Commodore Kane Mason of the confederation. No one volunteered, Who wants that fucking liability anyway.Bravo team, report immediately.Naturally, my team gets the fire, well at least he didn’t picked me after what happened and all.

Sir, yes sir.was heard thrice when three soldiers reported, myself included.

Sergeant Mustapha Abdul, Bravo Leader, reporting.Lousy ass-licking mother…

Who’s your soldiers?Inquired the commodore.

1st corporal Ophelia Summer, and 1st corporal Jacques Phillipes.Me and the Frenchman.

Sergeant Abdul and corporal Phillipes you may return to your seats.They took back their former places, lucky bastardsI was left alone in front of all theclassI know it isn’t school no more but it sure felt like school sometimes. Why are they staring at me like thisthe boys with a goofy smile smeared all over their faces and the girls with an indifferent air as much as they can manage, minus Kacey Collins, that seemed indifferent until I was called to that podium. I fucking hate to be on that side of the podium.

“Now 1st corporal Ophelia will explain our gear.” What? What? What? Echoed through my skull.

Where do you want me to start, sir?I began by stealing time for my neuron pathway to wake up.

Weapons, standard issue.He was rather specific. I see. Well then, if that’s the case let him have it text book version as he likes to hear it…

B-56 is the standard issue assault rifle, 5.56 mm calibre, plasma rounds, no shell-case, poly-carbonate hull, sights are auto-adjusting by cornea scanners. The weapon is a bull-pup design, the clip is also the hand grip and found at the back, chamber of mechanism is in the front side of the weapon. Thus it has a longer barrel length which increases accuracy and range of a relatively shorter non bull-pup weapon design. The carrying handle is detachable for special sights. The clip has stackable grips for stack-ability purposes, and quick two or more clip exchange.

Very well, just use the word magazine in a briefing session next time. What can you say about the shotguns we use?

12 gauge SRS, which stands for Self-Reloading Shotgun, vertically double barrelled, slugs within slugs kind of shells. The hammer hits the shell’s back, which activates the outer layer slug who drives forward the inner layer slugs into motion and can penetrate two layers of kevlar bullet proof vest.Fine brain cells I have so far.

Very good. What about the armour?Oh yeah, I think I remember this as well…

Quadruple kevlar layer vest with C60 coating, theoretically impenetrable to any kind of ammunition.

As you might have already read my mind, whoever can, but not on a psyionic level, the next item would be…The commodore apparently put the next thought on the tip of his mind or shall I say cerebrum as the psyions call it.

The DNA transformer, sir?Good vibration…?

Yes. What is it, who have it and for what purpose?Indeed, good vibrations…

A very expensive apparatus that only commando units should receive, that can basically change the carrier’s DNA structure into any known creature, though it must be set in advance to the desired creature whom the DNA structure is loaded out of its database. The consciousness is preserved outside in a black box, which occasionally the enemy manages to swipe from us when they take the left overs of exoskeletons, and only then the death is irreversible, because the box is usually hidden in the armour.So far so good.

Correct. Now, what makes you so special?Temporary mind meltdown, switch to the Uber den Geist. Artificial brain cortex activated, continuing from last biological brain snapshot.

Me, sir?

Yes, you darling, why were you taken while other boys and girls were disqualified?Why, oh why, indeed.

I happen to be colour blind, sir.Biological brain is online again, switching back.

What kind of advantage does this so-called disadvantage gives you?

I can see through the manipulation of light emission used in thermo-optic camouflage.

Why is that?Unstable mind patterns resurfaces but diminishes quickly with the aid of the para-sympathetic system using adrenalin as a biological catalyst. A switch to the Uber den Geist aborted.

Because both my parents gave me a defective X chromosome.I twisted my fingers unhappily about the matter. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice or maybe he better do notice.

This is not what I meant, what can you see and why?Oh, he meant scientifically.

The visible light is between the 390-760 nm. In order to contradict a certain wavelength you need to emit its exact opposite. A sinus wave is cancelled by its synchronized cosines, much like the tangents is negated by the cotangents.

Get to the point, everybody here knows that, it’s basic math.Naturally, the minimum I.Q. Around here is 185 nowadays.

Yes sir, my brain allows me to interpret the counter wavelength with a visible colour. For example I see blue where green is negated, I see green where orange is negated, orange where brown…

Thank you, has it proven useful so far?Let us try a different approach to end this nightmare.

I caught some boys messing with the thermo-optic camouflage suits on the girls showers.

You mean they were trying to sneak a peek at you?

Yes sir.Poor me, a damsel in distress in the middle of this live interrogation.

What did you do then?

Uncovered them, sir.When will this charade be over already?

Every time?

I once let Jacques enjoy the show.He had a weird mantra with strange movements involved.

What?some laughter was heard from the audience.That’s a 50 DKP minus.He shouted this at Jacques. For a moment there I thought I might get included in this punishment as well.

Oh merde, it took me three months to raise my death kill percentage to close my overdraft…

Next time I won’t be as merciful with you. I’ll let this one time go relatively quiet but next time there’ll be court martial for any of the perverted boys out there, who have no respect for privacy.

But sir, I respected them with my visit…

Shut your pie-hole this moment soldier.Pie-hole, where did he come up with this archaic stuff.

Sir, yes sir.Jacques said quietly, semi embarrassed, but mostly pleased with himself, as usual.

Ophelia, what other methods are there in order to detect invisible targets?Reality descends again.

Infra-red is useless, they have special thermal suits that prevents heat absorption or extraction. Ultra violet visors, pressure sensors, electro-static sensor arrays, thermo-baric mines, spraying colour, or even blood for that matter. Water from fire extinguisher systems, halon gas, ripples at puddles on the surface level could also expose potential invisible targets as they swarm into a complex.

Thank you Ophelia, you may sit down now.I took back my seat. A 3D holographic thermal scanner of the planet under our orbiting ship was activated in the background between the Commodore and the rest of the soldiers.

Our strategy is to build a trap within a trap, I want you to create death corridors in the outpost that we’re en route to. The outpost sits inside a narrow ravine, enemies will infiltrate from south west entrance or the north eastern entrance. We get in through the venting system on the roof. ETA: 20 minutes, look sharp, eat only carbohydrates snacks and get into your designated drop ships. Alpha, Charlie, Echo and Golf squads will protect the north-eastern entrance, Bravo, Delta & Foxtrot will guard the south-western entrance. Good luck people, let’s get them in the name of the father, the son and the holy Ford.

Blessed was Aldous Huxley and his Brave New World, the neo-atheist shall rule again much like the brute forces of Frank Herbert’s Fremen, Sardukar, and sand worms, or feared as Tolkien’s Naz’gul.The psyion priest ended the briefing with the common blessing of the Cy-Fa library. Blessed be the hypocrites who erected that establishment of human experimentation through the use of Generiens and mind control tricks with near infinite budget for war.


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