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Park Hayarkon Adventures and aftermath in the world of TPOA

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

I held down the axe, double blade, in an horizontal manner
To move through the people preventing us to step down from the bridge
In a leap of endurance they fell down, or more likely killed me
During the process of penetrating their defenses, on and on my army rushes through my death portal, at the same time two assassins from Catalina floating temple entered the island as well, killed silently with back stabs and throat slashing our enemies,
I was the only one who died that day; Snykorrs the first had a glorious death,
But his son, Snykorrs the second had betrayed his friends and killed them
Forever Snykorrs the third will carry the burden of his father’s betrayal alongside his grand father suicidal death plunge into the enemy ranks..
Cytles will be my name from here on, he said to himself when his eyes were put out for his insolence in the face of Lord Thormax, seeing his master smashing a baby skull on his castle walls…


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