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Not a team player…

Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

Cannot abide by the social code,
not a human, but a fiendish wolf.
A tremour passes by,
when he treads amongst brethren,
death clutches corpses lying around,
their eyes eaten by the swarming ravens.
It’s because of him,
It’s the choices he had made,
brought this calamity upon the land,
Lepers outside the city gates watch him idly goes by
and poor inside the urban walls gaze at his attire,
They know him, respect him though,
fear of a power he does not really posses,
their various resources are taken to his base.
All goes to his vault, not for him, not his fault,
Each subject sets aside,
makes haste,
makes room,
makes sense,
ignoring doom,
for the king…


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