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Written By: DaVe - Feb• 28•09

האילן של רוטשילד

והיה זה בשלכת ימיו,
עת באו לעוקרו משורשיו,
של העץ הזקן, והרגיש היה
כמו אדיפוס המלך בשלהי מלכותו,
עת עקרו עיניו, וירא את האמת
לא עוד אור שמש יפגע בעליו ועלעליו,
לא עוד יחליף רכיבי רוח ואוויר
בהטמעתו את החוכמה והרוך של הדור הצעיר,
לא עוד יפקדוהו המשתין בקיר והנסיך המצרי.
ויגיעו אנשי הקרדום ונתנו בו את סימן
הצלב האדום האלכסוני ויידע עת לנטוע
ועת לעקור, עת לחיות ועת למות
ולאחרית כל, הרי הכל הוא לא כלום,
מלבד הבל הבלים.

Rothschild’s tree

And so it was at his autumn years,
When they came to uproot him from the ground,
of the old tree, as he felt
like King Oedipus at the end of his reign,
when his eyes were taken, and the truth beguiled
no more sunlight will fall on his leaves,
no more shall he exchange elements of wind and air,
while assimilating the wisdom and tenderness of the young generations,
No more he will meet the wall pisser hound and the Egyptian prince,
And so it happened that the people of the axe came to him and gave him the insignia
of the diagonal red cross, and then he knew best, there’s a time for seeding,
and a time for harvesting, a time to live and time to die,
since after all, all in all, everything equals none,
but a fool’s dream.

38 Adenine Tri-Phosphate

Perpeteum mobile – the perfect machine,
It simply absorbs carbon dioxide, mix it
with water and sunlight and get 38 ATP molecules
out of the blue sky (and underwater waters)
It’s incredibility is only as monumental
as the lack of a nerve system or muscles
would bring him to danger, to be once a hunter
and then the hunted. It cannot awaringly
do good or harm, just the perfect kind of
a stationary survival machine for his own kind.
If only humans had chloroplasts in their outer shell,
what would be then?

Postcard poem (slightly lame)(=maybe)(you’ll be the judge of the former parenthesis)(what a relief, this responsibility disclaimer/waiver)(ok enough is enough)
(end of parenthesis or brackets or whatever) (:

His roots are
Bound to the
Ground, and
To the sun he
Lusts, ever
to the solar
power plant
he faces,
always yearns
to the
warmth out of
the cold base.


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