The Wondering Workshop

Israeli authors and poets creating in English


Written By: Eyal Soffer - Jan• 23•09

This is an honorable crowd,
conceived of poets, prose guy,
fantasy warrior, all combating
the paper with the pen. 

’tis an uncommon scene,
down here in Bograshov.
Commoners pass by,
on the way to the sea. 

Magical air protrudes the walls,
swarms around the ceiling,
the walls, the staring waitress,
the giggling cook. 

He has seen them all,
but this lot takes first place,
their frantic pens scribble
up and down, alongside
white and yellow pages
as if lives are at stake. 

A skillful look would notice
the nightingale crouching on
one’s shoulder, an ancient mariner
staring through the window,
a ploughman, plough in hand, passing,
stopping, listening.


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