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I frolic under skyscrapers past a thousand blooming clotheslines hung with petals, jeans and blouses, past the houses, under billboards ripe and juicy, breathing deep the nuanced, heady odors of a thousand wailing cars who push and pump and pulse though the city’s asphalt veins. I sit awhile and dip my feet in babbling brooks […]

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Where it all began

Location: Holiday Inn Eilat. Year: 1998 State: Re-enactment of a dream. We were a group of 6, 4 boys, two girls. We sat for the breakfast, supposedly. My spirit jumped out of my body knelt on the kitchen table and volt-faced back to my body. It extracted from me a gigantic double helix molecule called […]

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The Right Pathway

Thank you mentor Frost for your advice, Since I have taken the road less chosen by mortals. Thank you mentor Herbert for your insights and Global scale hidden in the dunes of time. Thank you mentor Tolkien for creating one of my favourite genres in literature. The Frostian path might take me into the Right […]

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The Ballad of the Forest

A sudden change in equilibrium, both chemical and electrical alike sets things in motion. The hare lifts her head from the plant he was chewing a second ago, he feels spotted, a quick sniff of the atmosphere reveals the pheromones of the hunter. The lynx emerges from his hideout behind the thicket, everything was fine, […]

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So much depth is found in their one missing dimension. Flickering images and beautiful patterns, five different shades of black to each indented horse on a wall of its own. Their halls are engraved and etched on dissected parts of oxygen factories, the big ones, that is. Plot driven, bullet chased, bi-pedal robots, plunge into […]

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Over the counter

Watching you working your magic for that free drink, I try to note each telltale sign of your pretence. That same curve in your smile and slant in your posture make me wonder what it is you’re trying to swindle out of me.

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Skinny Dipping in Filth

I’m a model citizen now. My life became a string of casual afternoons that I spend with my girlfriend after returning home from my steady job. I live in a respectable apartment building and even help the neighbor’s kids with their homework. In that specific casual afternoon, one of the neighbor’s kids came by. When […]

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Divided States

Atlanta International Airport lay heavily upon me. Over ten thousand people board a plane here every day. Over two hundred thousand pass through in transit. I knew all that because I spent so much time here I have read every sign, every billboard, every pamphlet in every bathroom at least a dozen times. All my […]

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Back to the Garden

I crouch down on the wet ground, letting my fingers run through the mud. "You think this is the place?”, I look up excitedly. “Why the hell should this be the place?”, he asks me, leaning back against the car door, hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets, jingling the car-keys in boredom. “This is […]

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