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cutting out traumatic memories

i sit in a chair in front of the mirror as i’m shorn of the last strands grown out of my mind signifiers of words tumbling down to the floor: uniform, mess hall, discipline, obedience, responsibility, ambassador, pride, power, authority, hierarchy, bureaucracy, weapons, ballistics, strategy, efficiency, the contradiction of the value of life, allies, enemies, […]

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sex education as done by the wondering workshop

everything begins, and ends, with an orgy. everything is better with lesbians. the funny thing about birds and trees is that if the birds aren’t getting it on then the trees don’t get to reproduce. even piloting a giant disguised in fur through virtual bowels is not enough to dampen sexual urges. when an author […]

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downstairs, in the back

the four grim men in dark suits and ties step smartly into the tiny back room, sliding into place around the green felt table with a deck of cards in its center, circled by the light of the lamp hanging low above it. a petit, dark haired lady gracefully walks in after them carrying a […]

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Extend the Scene

Exercise:   Part 1: Write only a dialogue, taking place between two characters and lasting for one minute (in story time). Part 2: Double the story time but keep the same dialogue. Time: 10 minutes. Purpose: You need to fill the space between one sentence and the answer to it. Usually this means that you’ll […]

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