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Written By: Avner Kashtan - Feb• 23•11

As I was walking to work
early this morning
I saw a perfect little bagel
on a little white napkin
on a dirty concrete fence
in the middle of the street.

He forgot it there, I think, a man,
I saw him put it down
and pat his pockets for change,
and then get on the bus,
leaving the bagel,
soft and scrumptious,
all alone among the milling masses.

I almost went and took it
(I had not had time for breakfast)
but I froze, I couldn’t, when so many passers-by
had ignored it. Maybe they knew something
I did not, perhaps a cat had peed on it,
or was this all some elaborate prank?
But no, I do not think that it was poisoned
or had any ulterior motives,
but still, I did not take the bagel.


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