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Immigration I

Little things give you away. It is not stamped on your forehead that you used to feel at home on wheels. It does not ooze through your casual clothes that you shared your first menses with your mother, father and two brothers, cramped on ten square meters in a fugitive camp. You don’t even think […]

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A Wolf, a Gazelle

She is running like no gazelle has run before. Mile after mile swoosh behind her lean body and disappear in the thick evening air. Trees seem to race past her, hurrying to unknown destinations in space and time, as her leaps glide over the ground, suspended in mid air. She leaps over a stone, kicking […]

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Cherry Variation II

Hey ‘keeper, pour me another drop of your cherry stuff! I swear it heats my blood like dragon fire. Now, don’t be so stingy, man, when I say a drop, I mean all the way up to the brim. And it’s good stuff too – hold it to the light – Though I don’t know […]

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Cherry Variation III

When I pick a cherry I know the cost: So much for the sapling, so many gallons of water About so many footprints left on the dusty path When I walked with the watering can – Twenty years ago I didn’t have a hose – So many hours of waiting for the train to go […]

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