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You make me think. You make me focus. You make me leave my house Because of you I am able To bring my thoughts to light. Tony Blair, the electric chair Paddington bear and the Princess DI tragedy, Private Robert Laws – whom everyone called “Robbie” and the Abie Nathan tetralogy all sprung to light […]

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Be all you can be

A poem in memory of Private Robert Laws, from Bromsgrove, died in Helmand province, Afghanistan, on the fourth of July 2009. He was eighteen.

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Final Thoughts

The boy is waiting patiently for his opportunity. In a few minutes it will all be over.  He is going to die. He is looking nervously at his watch. It is 21:40 but the person he is looking for hasn’t arrived.  A cold feeling comes sweeping over his frail face.  His forehead is soaking but […]

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