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As I was walking to work early this morning I saw a perfect little bagel on a little white napkin on a dirty concrete fence in the middle of the street. He forgot it there, I think, a man, I saw him put it down and pat his pockets for change, and then get on […]

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Classic Crispy Fantods

Classic crispy fantods. Classic crispy fantods! Better than new crispy fantods. Much better than classic chewy fantods. Classic crispy fantods.      Buy them! Don’t know what fantods are? Only one way to find out.      Buy them! Don’t like fantods? You must have tried the new ones. Classic crispy fantods are better.      Buy them! […]

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My Lovely Poem

This is my poem This is my stanza. This is my other stanza. I love stanzas. Like Dan’s.

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I frolic under skyscrapers past a thousand blooming clotheslines hung with petals, jeans and blouses, past the houses, under billboards ripe and juicy, breathing deep the nuanced, heady odors of a thousand wailing cars who push and pump and pulse though the city’s asphalt veins. I sit awhile and dip my feet in babbling brooks […]

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Divided States

Atlanta International Airport lay heavily upon me. Over ten thousand people board a plane here every day. Over two hundred thousand pass through in transit. I knew all that because I spent so much time here I have read every sign, every billboard, every pamphlet in every bathroom at least a dozen times. All my […]

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Back to the Garden

I crouch down on the wet ground, letting my fingers run through the mud. "You think this is the place?”, I look up excitedly. “Why the hell should this be the place?”, he asks me, leaning back against the car door, hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets, jingling the car-keys in boredom. “This is […]

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