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Written By: Adam Fisher - Apr• 21•12

i don’t know
what privation is
or is not any more
than i
know the squiggles and teeth
of the horse, whose head lies
between crocodile’s

i know what i know
is what behandlung von haarausfall in einem frühen stadium i don’t know
is pre-oedipal pre-conscious pre-lacking
and its sublime sublimation sees me
pencils instead
of my words
did i hear
that? or is it mere phantasm?
or is it…

come, come, you
it’s not so hard,
is it?
are you your mother’s
or did you…?

no, no. yes. no. and then, maybe i’m wrong and i’m actually on the right
look, here’s the chain
of signifiers
significant? no
meaning to the symbols,
but you can’t have them
and thats not frustrating at all
here’s the key, but it has
no key
to figure out how to turn it
it bites, the horse
clamps down
on the crocodile’s jugular. its phallus?
poor child. poor mother. poor sigma’d
freud. frustrated he would be

if he knew what we didn’t.


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