The Wondering Workshop

Israeli authors and poets creating in English


Written By: Uri Lifshitz

Hello and welcome to The Wondering Workshop’s website,

The Wondering Workshop is a creative writing workshop, creating poetry and prose from its home base in Tel Aviv, Israel, since it was founded in 2007.

The members of the workshop take pleasure in expressing their life, thoughts and emotions in the English language, even though most of us are not native speakers. Some prefer poetry while other express themselves in prose but we are all united by the endless variety of ways one can create using the written word.

In our workshop we incorporate creative writing exercises alongside peer review and a free exchange of ideas in order to improve our talents and hone our skills, in this way we affect each other to evolve both as an individual artist and as a group.

We use this website to publish a small sample of the works created by the members of the workshop in the hope that you, our readers, will find it useful, inspiring or just plain fun.

If you liked one of our works, please take a minute and say so using a comment or email, there is no greater praise to an artist then knowing that they have touched someone else’s mind.

If you have any general question or comment, please free to contact me at .


Uri Lifshitz,

Head Conceptualist,

The Wondering Workshop.